Saves You Time!

  • Home Delivery makes it easy for moms, dads, professionals and even large families to check one chore off their list! No need to put dinner on hold to run to the store for a bag of pet food.
  • You can go straight from work to pick up your kids, go to the gym, or go straight HOME, and have your pet food awaiting your arrival.
  • Weekends can be focused on family time, relaxation time or other chores that need to be done!
  • Not only does home delivery save time, it saves you the hassle of grabbing the kids and putting them in car, or putting all the pets away RIGHT after you get home because you spaced out and forgot to pick it up on your way home.

Saves You Money!

  • Home Delivery reduces the probability of impulse buying at the counter while checking out and buying extra treats and trinkets that you and your pet don’t REALLY need! (We are guilty of this too!)
  • Our loyalty programs are like none on the market! Earn a free bag of food every 12 bags you buy!
  • Earn up to 5% Running On Rewards back to spend on all your pet products
  • Savings with our local partners are unheard of! Patron other local businesses and receive discounts on items or services you already use!
  • Free Delivery has been saving some of our customers over $20 dollars a month versus their previous delivery service!

Saves You Storage Space

  • We here at Running On Raw have A LOT of dogs! That means A LOT of food, even with a dedicated freezer it can be difficult to store raw frozen product for more than a week or so at a time.
  • Feeding kibble can be a hassle for multiple dogs as well, when we were feeding kibble we would buy THREE 25 pound bags at a time so we didn’t have to run to the pet store every week, which we would forget to do more times than not. So our laundry room closet (we don’t have a walk-in pantry) was stuffed with bags of dog food, which wasn’t great for us or our dog food! All kibble should be stored in a cool dry place.
  • For those homes with only one dog or small dogs, a 25 pound bag of kibble will last much longer than a week. But kibble like all foods can go stale after being opened, especially if it is not in an air tight container. Your pooch may refuse to eat it’s kibble from time to time so you throw it away – just to be safe. Home Delivery can allow you the convenience of buying smaller quantities  more frequently so you don’t ever throw any of it away because it is stale!

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

  • While running to the store every week may not seem like a large carbon footprint multiply that routine by several hundred or even thousand people!
Personal Vehicle Travel
Carbon Footprint Graphic of Shopper
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