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The Love Birds

Accountant turned Entrepreneur and Raw Food Nutrition Specialist

How in the heck does that happen you ask?

Well, believe it or not I had a mid-life crisis, at 25 years old! What kind of crisis can I possibly have at 25, well I suppose that is my story.

At 22 I was a hair away from graduating from the University of South Florida in wonderful Tampa Bay with my degree in Accounting, when I was hit by a drunk driver on July 27, 2013.

An amazing team of people consisting of Lieutenants of Hillsborough County Fire & Rescue , Deputies of Hillsborough County Sheriff Office and Trauma Surgeons and nurses at Tampa General Hospital saved my life. I spent 31 days at Tampa General Hospital. When I was discharged, I spent 4 months in a variety of therapies (Physical, Occupational, Speech – some of you know the drill)

As most 22 year olds, the second I was up and running again the only thing I could focus on was I AM SO BEHIND! I have to catch up to my friends, they have graduated, have jobs, and I need to kick it in high gear. My parents, wise as most parents are, insisted I take my time, “there is no rush, in 5 years this won’t matter” etc etc (and boy were they right!). Me being the know-it-all, oldest child, of course didn’t listen, as most 22 year olds don’t. So I jumped back into school, ended up meeting the love of my life – stretched myself too thin, didn’t get the best grades, graduated with my degree but I was still 2 semesters behind my friends in the job market! Again, I rushed into an internship doing taxes at a local accounting firm, started the master’s program, and was still playing catch up (now, I realize I was playing  catch up with LITERALLY no one else – ha! to be young). I finished my internship and got a “real job” working my 40 hours a week as a corporate accountant in May of 2015, and after a few months I said “hmmm I don’t know if I actually like accounting”. In my confused thoughts, I decided to get a puppy!

This is Zora, I adopted her September 24th 2015, she was 6 weeks old and weighed in at 5 measly pounds. She was malnourished, sick, and a complete sweetheart. I fell in love with her immediately. Did I mention she is a princess? No pillow or bed or hand is safe.

Fast forward almost one year Jeremy (a.k.a. The love of my life)  and I bought a house together in January of 2016, and we decided that our only fur child needed a sibling. Then one day Jeremy fell in love with a puppy located in Deltona at a rescue group – so because I am a sucker for puppies, we rushed to the other side of the state to adopt her before anyone else could beat us to the punch, now we have 2 puppers.

Meet Ava, we adopted her on March 3rd she is a couch potato, who loves food, cuddles and cozy blankets and is the size of a small horse. To be clear, the photo on the right is Ava, on the couch, belly up, next to a cozy blanket I just pried away from her so she is mean mugging me.

I continued to sit on my thoughts for a few more months and decided to leave the company after only 1 year because I thought “hey you know what I think my problem is, I think I miss doing taxes!” (I bet you never thought you would hear ANYONE say that, EVER)

Well, my puppy fever had been in full force, back in March of 2016 while Jeremy and I were both hunting for a second dog, I met Vicky- someone who had an intense passion for her dogs, and she made a career of it. I had never seen that much passion, devotion and discipline in anything, let alone in dogs! I loved it. We created a relationship and a friendship and she agreed to give me a puppy when she had her next litter in late June 2016. I was ecstatic, I obsessed over her Facebook, her dogs and her passion – I envied her! Even though we just adopted Ava, I NEEDED one of her puppies.

Off I go to a new company to start doing taxes in early June 2016, and lo and behold I was even more unhappy than I was before. And my body knew it before I did, I was constantly getting sick, I was unhappy, stressed and had no idea how to fix it. To distract myself from the fact that I despised my job, I would obsess over Vicky and her puppy photos and her adult dog photos and talked with her daily about the new litter that had just been born on June 22, 2016.

Theo a.k.a. Mr T, came all the way from New York. He was a monster puppy, full of life curiosity and mischief! I cried when I held him and he is my baby, even now at 80 lbs. How do you not cry, look at that precious baby!

Shortly after receiving Mr T, and after only 3 months at my new job, I realized I had to leave my profession, I woke up one morning and I knew I had to resign from my position. So I did, and I did this without knowing what I was going to do for a living and without a plan, as you can imagine, my parents lost their minds and while Jeremy was shocked, he was very supportive. I consulted Jeremy, my parents and Vicky on how I figure out what it is I want to do, I consulted everyone really. (Even a therapist – that is where the mid-life crisis comes in) Apparently, it is very normal to despise your job, but millennials these days are not doing very well at accepting that “this is it”! Fortunately for me, I had a life changing experience at a young age that allowed me to identify what I deemed important in my life, and it was certainly not accounting. All the catching up, pushed me into the workforce but I never let myself take a step back, like my wise parents told me to do, to decide if this was still the path I wanted to take. But my family and friends helped me realize I have 3 dogs (all about 8 months apart, so I must be a dog lady!), my passion is animals. I decided to spend time NOT trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Then I realized that there was a gap in the pet industry for people who were like me, people who were busy working long hours, getting pulled in a million directions and didn’t always have time or brainpower to remember to buy pet food every 7, 10 or 20 days, but still LOVE their pets.


That is how Running On Raw was born, and one year after quitting my job, almost to the day I have read dozens of pet food books, have become a certified raw food nutritionist and opened my own business to try and make life just a little bit easier. I hope you enjoy my service and products as much as I have enjoyed creating and running it!